Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ballpark Sponsor Signs, 4x8 Signs

Ballpark Sponsor Advertising Sign Manufacturer

HLA Signs offers sign design and manufacturing of both interior and exterior sign, both illuminated and non-illuminated sign.  4ft x 8ft ballpark sponsor signs ranging from 1 color to full color prints, your company logo or basic text.  Ballpark sponsor signs are typically hung from surrounding fence, this is a great fundraiser for your club.
NCompliance Professional Drug Screening & DNA Services
Company Logo, 4ft x 8ft sign, non-illuminated sign

Cleco, Ballpark sign, 4ft x 8ft sign, non-illuminated sign

Jeffery Lacombe Trucking, Ballpark Sign, 4ft x 8ft Sign, Non-illuminated Sign
Hessmer Ballpark

Bunkie General Hospital, Ballpark Sign, 4ft x 8ft Sign, Non-illuminated Sign, Hessmer Ballpark

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Custom Signs, Channel Letters illuminated with LED's

Custom Channel Letters & LED Signs
Custom Channel Letter Sign, this particular channel letter is internally illuminated (LED's), by day it appears as a chrome letter, this chrome material is very unique in that it is translucent so at night it glows with a very clean, bright, white light.

The image doesn't depict the sign size well, the letters are approx. 3ft in height, the "H" is approx. 2.5ft in width.