Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Light Box Small Business Signage, Lighted Storefront Sign

Light Box Small Business Signage

Lighted Storefront Sign

HLA Signs, Your Full Service Louisiana Sign Company

N Compliance Professional Drug Screening, Mansura LA

Freedom Prosthetics Mansura, LA

Donuts and Coffee Shop Mansura, LA

American Cash Advance Mansura, LA

Building facades make a great canvas for your business signage.  HLA Signs can design and manufacture a custom business sign to meet your specifications while incorporating your company name and logo.  We manufacture light box signs, 3D dimensional signs, and aluminum signs with LED lighting so your custom sign will Get Your Brand Noticed at virtually any hour of the day or night.  Reach out to HLA Signs today to speak with someone about your custom business sign project.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Electronic Pricing Sign Board and LED Signage Fuel Price Sign Wireless Remote Controller

Electronic Pricing Sign Board and LED Signage 

Fuel Price Sign Wireless Remote Controller

Incorporate Your Company Logo, Business Name and Colors

Electronic Pricing Sign Board and LED Signage

Electronic Pricing Boards and LED Signage to meet customer requirements. Fuel Prices Can Be Changed via Wireless Controller, In Most Situations From Within The Convenience Store So Employees Do Not Have To Walk Outside. Regardless Of How Many Lines Items or Products You Are Displaying. HLA Signs Can Incorporate Your Company Logo, Business Name and Color Scheme Into The Advertising Sign Display. Reach Out To HLA Signs Today To Discuss Your Custom Business Sign and Electronic Fuel Price Board, LED Sign.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hotel High Rise Sign and LED Marquee Sign, Metairie Louisiana

Hotel High Rise Sign and LED Marquee Sign

Metairie, Louisiana

Hotel Sign, Lighted Sign w/ LED Message Center

 High Rise Signs paired with a Programmable LED Marquee Sign really do a fantastic job of getting your business noticed.  Program a message for morning traffic / viewers, another message for noon time traffic and another for afternoon traffic / viewers.  Messages can be programmed months in advance, freeing up more of your valuable time.  

Thinking about upgrading your sign(s), reach out to HLA Signs today.  Let's get your business noticed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Reagan Power Custom Company Logo Business Sign, Harvey Louisiana

Reagan Power Custom Business Sign, Harvey LA

(illuminated pylon high rise sign)

Company Logo Pylon Sign, LED Lighting

Reagan Power Custom Business Sign, Harvey LA
(illuminated pylon sign)

 HLA Signs has been designing custom business signs for over 21 years, we have experience with non-illuminated signs and electric (lighted sign) signs.  They can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, acrylic, or flex material.  Our experienced technicians can tackle most jobs in a timely manner, our service trucks have common repair items on board as to expedite your repair and save time and money from return visits.  Internally illuminated, Electronic LED Programmable Signs, Light Box Style Signs, Multi Tenant Signs, Fuel Price Sign, Gas Station Signs, C Store Sign, Shopping Center Signs, Restaurant Signs, Church Signs, Letter Signs, Wall Signs, etc.....  HLA Signs can design a new custom sign or refurbish and existing sign using your business logo and company colors.  

Reach out to HLA SIGNS today about your specific project.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Flag Pole Sales, Installation, and Maintenance Louisiana

Flag Pole Sales, Installation, and Maintenance

Aluminum Tapered Flagpoles

HLA Signs, Louisiana

HLA Signs Flag Pole Flag Installation
Flag Pole and Truck Assembly Installation

HLA Signs Flag Pole Foundation Installation
Flag Pole Foundation & Installation

HLA Signs Beaded Flag Retainer Ring
Flag Pole Beaded Retainer Ring & Weight

HLA Signs, Flag Pole Supplier & Installer in Louisiana and the Gulf South.  HLA Signs is a supplier of quality flag poles, aluminum flag poles, tapered flag poles, fiberglass flag poles, flags, and accessories.  We offer complete full service flag pole installation service (flag pole foundation, flag pole base mount & cover, aluminum flag pole and fiberglass flag pole), accessories (beaded retainer rings, weights, ropes, ornaments, pulley, cleats, caps, etc...) as well as maintenance and repairs.

Do you have an upcoming flag pole project, reach out to HLA Signs today.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Flag Pole Foundation & Installation Service

Flag Pole Sales & Installation Service

Aluminum Flagpole & Fiberglass Flagpole Louisiana

HLA Signs, Louisiana

flag pole foundation, flag pole installation service
Flag Pole Foundation Installation
Flag Pole Sales & Service

HLA Signs offers residential and commercial flag pole sales and service.  Aluminum Flag Poles and Fiberglass Flag Poles, we provide installation, and maintenance of heavy duty commercial flagpoles.  HLA Signs has a complete assortment of parts and accessories including flags, revolving trucks, halyard, aluminum cleat, flash collar, etc...  Pictured above: installing a battery of 6 flagpoles complete with steel foundations plate and ground rod, all engineered to meet our stringent wind loads here in the gulf south.  Flagpole projects include: Corporate Office Buildings, US Post Offices, Public Schools, Churches, Hotels, Private Schools, Small Businesses, Rental Property Owners & Management Companies....

Reach out to #HLASigns for all your flagpole requirements.  From initial site survey to installation and maintenance our technicians are ready to assist you with your next flagpole project.  Contact HLA Signs today to order your USA Made Flagpole.